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Our Preschool Program


Little U’s “Academy of Education” is the core foundation on which Little U Academy was built.  Our preschool education is “unique” and based upon the core principles and building blocks set forth by the Indiana Department of Education.  That is why Little U Academy has only degreed teachers for every classroom.  At Little U Academy, we understand that a preschool education is a vital aspect of a child’s learning and development.  This education helps to expand the range of your child’s learning experiences.  The importance of a preschool education lies in the fact that the students become more confident, enthusiastic and eager learners who later on become successful persons in life.  Little U’s educational programs start at infancy through preschool.  Our degreed teachers work in partnership with our parents. This bridges home and school to ensure an all-round better development of your child.  A solid preschool education at Little U gives your child a foundation for lifelong success.


Little U Academy aims to provide their students a safe and stimulating environment so that they can feel secure and flourish in their environment.  Our school encourages the student’s emotional, social, and physical development and promotes the child’s wellbeing.  Little U’s curriculum is structured for different age and developmental groups. We provide diverse opportunities among the various domains of education so that it motivates interest and imagination among the children.  Little U’s preschool education is a well balanced curriculum which integrates play and learning; so your child finds that learning is fun.  Our parents quickly realize the importance of Little U’s preschool education and the significant role it plays in their child’s life.  It is Little U’s parents that vote us #1 in Porter County, and continuously advocate Little U as the best preschool education in the area.